About us

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
— Theodore Roosevelt

At the beginning of the intention to establish a foundation to support research and development of a cure for rare diseases, especially Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), was the announcement of our son’s diagnosis. The announcement of the diagnosis was a shock. But we didn’t give up and decided to fight the obstacles that our son’s disease brings and not only use all available resources, but also create new ones. We began research and development of a comprehensive treatment therapy for PWS and established the Epigenteo Foundation to support it. We hope that this project will gain enough supporters to allow the research already underway to continue and reach the successful goal of developing a treatment therapy for patients with PWS.

Mgr. Martin Goldstein

Founder of the Fund and Chairman of the Board

Katka’s husband, dad to Emma, Ella, Adam and Teodor. Lawyer, bankruptcy trustee, founder of the Epigenteo Foundation, sportsman, musician.

Nikoleta Merker

Member of the Board of Directors

I have been doing physiotherapy for almost thirty years. I work with adult and pediatric clients, mostly with musculoskeletal disabilities.

Helping clients heal or improve their quality of life continues to be very fulfilling for me.

The situation when parents have a child with a disability is challenging psychologically, but also financially. Working with the family must be comprehensive and team-based from the beginning.

When Teodor’s parents approached me with the offer to work with the Epigenteo Foundation, I was very pleased and excited.

I see great hope in this collaboration not only for children with PWS, but also for other patients suffering from other genetic disorders.

Mgr. Danica Šebestová

Member of the Board of Directors

I am a mother of two daughters, Sophie (2009) and Sarah (2013), a wife (2008), a lawyer (2000), and a friend of the Goldstein family. My mother taught for years at a school for children with intellectual disabilities and still helps the now adult Mata with Down syndrome, who has won countless ballroom dancing awards thanks to her support. Because I believe that Two people make a better team, I decided to lend a helping hand to Katka and Martin. We all have challenges in life, some are bearable, some are sometimes too hard to overcome alone. So I will be glad if Teddy’s story reaches as many people as possible.

Mgr. Eliška Součková Vrzalová


As a special educator and therapist, I work with children and adolescents with various disabilities and combined disabilities. These are mainly children with mild brain dysfunction, dysphatics, autistic children, children with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities and hearing impairment.

I know that support and early care is absolutely crucial for the immediate family and the child themselves. The time, psychological and financial burden on the family is often unimaginable. Unfortunately, even today, there is still a lack of information and appropriate support or intervention for rarer conditions or combined disabilities.

I like to explore new places, people and learn. It energizes me when I can be at the birth of something new that makes sense and has an impact. When I was offered the opportunity to work with the Epigenteo Foundation, I didn't hesitate. I always try to do things with my heart.

It’s nice to help one person and even nicer to think that you can help many people!

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