Let’s help!

Every donation, no matter the amount, helps bring research closer to a successful conclusion. Given the financial demands, without donations it would be absolutely impossible to sustain our ongoing research, let alone bring it to its successful goal of finding a comprehensive treatment for PWS patients. Thanks to your financial donation, we will once again be one step closer to obtaining a much needed cure for PWS.

Donate to a good cause and be a part of the hope for a new life for cured children and adults suffering from PWS!

IBAN: CZ88 0800 0000 0063 8582 0399

You can contribute in two ways:

  1. Payment via — you can send a financial donation in a quick and easy way via a public collection that takes place on the Donio platform.
    Prader-Willi Syndrome Research and Development | Donio

  2. Payment by wire transfer to the above mentioned transparent account — in the transparent account you can always see who has contributed and what we have spent the donated funds on.
    Our transparent account with Česká spořitelna

The Epigenteo Foundation will use the donation exclusively for the purpose for which it was established, i.e. to fund research and development of treatments for rare diseases, in particular Prader-Willi Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome and Schaaf-Yang Syndrome.

This donation will be used for research and development purposes and is thus an eligible tax expenditure reducing the income tax base under the provisions of § 15(1) and § 20(8) of Act No.

For individuals, a donation is deductible if its value constitutes 2-30 % of the income tax base of an individual, in any case at least 1 000 CZK. Donations below CZK 1 000 are also a help for us, but they do not help donors to reduce their tax base.

For legal persons a donation is deductible if its value is no more than 30% of the tax base of the legal person, in any case at least 2 000 CZK. Donations below CZK 2 000 are also a help for us, but they do not help donors to reduce the tax base.

Upon request, we will issue a receipt for tax return purposes.